President’s Message

A message from ACF President Paul Sailer

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As residents of this urban area, we all have a concern about what our legacy will be.  Will future generations thank us for what we’ve done to protect the remnants of the natural world, for restoring things, or will they wonder if we had blinders on and ignored opportunities to make the future brighter?

In its own way, the Angeles Chapter Foundation, founded in 1984, was established to enhance the efforts of people who are already contributing time and funds to a positive environmental legacy. We like the fact that there’s no intermediary between us and the activist working on the ground, on projects, whether it’s leading educational outings, laboring on a restoration project, bringing research to an environmental problem, helping kids have life changing experiences in the outdoors, or preserving the records of the work of others.

All of our board members are also donors, and have an extensive record of volunteering their time to protect the environment in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  As you read the profiles you’ll see that they made that commitment, and now they’re committed to helping others extend their efforts and reaching out to involve even more.  We hope you’ll join us.  We want, and seek your monetary gifts, but the most important things you can do is remember that we’re here to help and recommend us to others.

[Header image: Joshua Tree, Robert Cates]